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2021Plasma-assisted deposition of indium tin oxide thin films by sublimation using an anodic vacuum arc discharge
Scheffel, Bert; Zywitzki, Olaf; Preußner, Thomas; Kopte, Torsten
Journal Article
2020Imprinting the polytype structure of silicon carbide by rapid thermal processing
Pezoldt, Jörgen; Cimalla, Volker
Journal Article
2010CdTe nanoparticles for the deposition of CdTe films using close spaced sublimation
Schumm, B.; Althues, H.; Kaskel, S.
Journal Article
2006Freeze casting of ceramic components using ice cores and ice moulds
Moritz, T.; Richter, H.-J.
Conference Paper
1992Contoured material removal using cw-Q-switch Nd-YAG-laser radiation
Läßiger, B.; Nießen, M.; Ott, P.; Treusch, H.G.; Beyer, E.
Conference Paper