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2018Optimization of a vibration absorber with piezoelectric energy harvesting capabilities
Perfetto, Sara
2016Beitrag zur Bemessung von zyklisch beanspruchten Bauteilen aus Sphärogusswerkstoffen
Schönborn, Steffen; Kaufmann, Heinz; Melz, Tobias; Sonsino, Cetin Morris
Conference Paper
2015Special issue "Structural durability". Preface
Baumgartner, Jörg
Journal Article
2014Fatigue and structural durability of automotive components
Bruder, Thomas; Hanselka, Holger; Heim, Rüdiger; Kaufmann, Heinz; Kieninger, Michael; Nuffer, Jürgen; Sonsino, Cetin Morris; Kieninger, Michael et al.
Book Article
2011Product development & testing requirements for electric wheel hub motors
Käsgen, Johannes; Heim, Rüdiger
Conference Paper
2011Structural durability of forged automotive aluminium chassis components submitted to spectrum loading and salt-corrosion by the example of a tension strut
Sonsino, Cetin Morris; Hägele, N.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2011Variable amplitude loading with components made of short fiber reinforced polyamide 6.6
Hartmann, Julia; Moosbrugger, E.; Büter, Andreas
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2010An estimation method for determining cyclic material properties for structural durability design according to the local strain approach
Dsoki, C. el; Kaufmann, H.; Tomasella, A.
Conference Paper
2009Structural durability assessment of offshore K-nodes by different local design concepts
Sonsino, C.M.
Conference Paper
2007Light-weight design chances using high-strength steels
Sonsino, C.M.
Journal Article
2006High strength ductile cast iron in suspension components - structural durability and impact energy absorption
Heinrietz, A.; Zinke, R.; Streicher, M.; Bartels, C.
Conference Paper
2006Usage related design and validation of wheelset axles
Grubisic, V.; Fischer, G.
Conference Paper
2006Virtual test LAb - simulation based testing of components and systems
Jöckel, M.; Wallmichrath, M.; Bruder, T.; Lösch, J.; Landersheim, V.
Conference Paper
2005First Symposium on Structural Durability 2005. Proceedings
: Sonsino, C.M.
Conference Proceedings
2002Structural Durability and Reliability of Complex and Smart Structures
Sonsino, C.M.; Hanselka, H.
Conference Paper
2002Substitution of conventionally double pressed and double sintered synchronizer hubs by warm powder compaction
Ratzi, R.; Sonsino, C.M.
Conference Paper