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2017Lifetime prediction of ceramic components - a case study on hybrid rolling contact
Khader, I.; Rasche, S.; Lube, T.; Raga, R.; Degenhardt, U.; Kailer, A.
Journal Article
2009Analytical solutions and tools for assessment of surface cracks in cylindrical components
Varfolomeyev, I.; Beukelmann, D.
Conference Paper
2009Fracture mechanics assesssment of crack propagation behaviour in railway axles
Varfolomeev, I.; Luke, M.
Conference Paper
2008Fracture mechanics based assessment of pipes
Siegele, D.; Varfolomeev, I.
Conference Paper
2008Investigation on residual stresses and fracture behaviour of cladded plates with defects
Hohe, J.; Brand, M.; Siegele, D.
Conference Paper
2004Determination of local stress intensity factor at crack tip using image correlation techniques
Tsai, Y.; Keller, J.; Eylon, D.; Vogel, D.; Michel, B.; Meyendorf, N.
Conference Paper
2001Fatigue crack growth of a welded tube-flange connection under bending and torsional loading
Amstutz, H.; Störzel, K.; Seeger, T.
Journal Article
2001Theoretical fatigue. Effective notch stresses at spot welds
Radaj, D.; Lehrke, H.-P.; Greuling, S.
Journal Article
2000Numerical study of residual stresses and crack behaviour in a core shroud weld
Varfolomeyev, I.V.; Siegele, D.; Beukelmann, D.
Conference Paper
1999Berechnung von Formzahlen für Schweißverbindungen
Lehrke, H.P.
Journal Article
1998Bruchmechanische Beschreibung der Wöhlerlinien geometrisch ähnlicher Schweißproben aus Aluminium
Lehrke, H.-P.; Brandt, U.; Sonsino, C.M.
Journal Article
1998Characterization of the computational accuracy in surface crack problems
Varfolomeyev, I.V.; Busch, M.; Petersilge, M.
Journal Article
1998Fatigue assessment of welded joints by local approaches
Radaj, D.; Sonsino, C.M.
1998Stress intensity factors for internal circumferential cracks in thin- and thick-walled cylinders
Varfolomeyev, I.V.; Petersilge, M.; Busch, M.
Journal Article
1998Weight function for external circumferential cracks in hollow cylinders subjected to axisymmetric opening mode loading
Varfolomeyev, I.V.
Journal Article
1994Parameters of creep crack growth - classification and limits
Kienzler, R.; Hollstein, T.
Conference Paper
1991Analysis of multiple crack propagation in stiffened sheet.
Lehrke, H.-P.; Schöpfel, A.
Conference Paper
1990Creep crack growth in a 1% CrMoV steel and a 32% Ni 20% Cr alloy.
Webster, G.A.; Djavanroodi, F.; Hollstein, T.
Conference Paper
1990Reliability of interfaces in newly designed ceramic-ceramic and metal-ceramic systems
Schönholz, R.; Kleer, G.; Döll, W.
1989Creep crack growth. A state-of-the-art-report
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: Gibbons, T.B.
Conference Proceedings
1989Micromechanics of fracture under static and fatigue loading. Optical interferometry of crack tip craze zones
Könczöl, L.; Döll, W.
Book Article
1985Numerical methods in fracture mechanic
Schmitt, W.
Conference Paper