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2018Investigating the influence of bending parameters on the springback behavior of ultra-high strength spring strips
Richter, Karsten; Reuther, Franz; Müller, Roland; Landgrebe, Dirk
Conference Paper
2014Experimental analysis and modeling of the anisotropic response of titanium alloy Ti-X for quasi-static loading at room temperature
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Journal Article
2009An analysis of the stress state in a green part during ejection from the die
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Conference Paper
2006Material characterisation for reliable and efficient springback prediction in sheet metal forming
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Journal Article
2005Material characterization for simulation of sheet metal forming
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Conference Paper
2004Evaluation and improvement of the bending process of connector elements by finite elements simulations
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Journal Article
2003Springback simulation in metal sheet forming
Krasowsky, A.; Schmitt, W.; Andrieux, F.; Haas, E.; Riedel, H.
Conference Paper
1996On the springback-effect of CFRP-stringers. An experimental, analytical and numerical analysis
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Conference Paper