Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
1999Calculating the dynamic behavior of motor spindles
Ihlenfeldt, S.; Wieland, F.; Neugebauer, Reimund
Conference Paper
1994Characteristic of aerostatic, hydrostatic and rolling element spindles and slide systems and their influence on the machining accuracy
Weck, M.; Luderich, J.; Wieners, A.; Vos, M.
Conference Paper
1989The geometrical and dynamical behaviour of ultraprecision diamond turning machines set limits to the workpiece accuracy
Weck, Manfred; Hartel, R.; Bispink, T.
Conference Paper
1987Checking surface modulation on metaloptics by analysing ultraprecision machines
Weck, Manfred; Modemann, K.
Conference Paper
1986Test and measuring methods to analyse undulation effects on micromachined optical surfaces generated by vibration on precision machinery
Weck, Manfred; Hartel, Robert
Conference Paper