Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2017Theory and applications of spherical microphone array processing
Jarrett, Daniel P.; Habets, Emanuël A.P.; Naylor, Patrick A.
2016Late reverberation PSD estimation for single-channel dereverberation using relative convolutive transfer functions
Braun, Sebastian; Schwartz, Boaz; Gannot, Sharon; Habets, Emanuël A.P.
Conference Paper
2016Low complexity blind separation technique to solve the permutation ambiguity of convolutive speech mixtures
Lima, Pedro F.C.; Kehrle Miranda, Ricardo; Costa, Joao Paulo C.L. da; Zelenovsky, Ricardo; Yuan, Yizheng; Galdo, Giovanni del
Conference Paper
2016Online dereverberation for dynamic scenarios using a Kalman filter with an autoregressive model
Braun, Sebastian; Habets, Emanuël A.P.
Journal Article
2015Residual noise control using a parametric multichannel Wiener filter
Braun, Sebastian; Kowalczyk, Konrad; Habets, Emanuël A.P.
Conference Paper
2014Automatic spatial gain control for an informed spatial filter
Braun, Sebastian; Thiergart, Oliver; Habets, Emanuël A.P.
Conference Paper
2014Multichannel dereverberation for hearing aids with interaural coherence preservation
Braun, Sebastian; Torcoli, Matteo; Marquardt, Daniel; Habets, Emanuel; Doclo, Simon
Conference Paper