Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019A representation of MLS data as a basis for terrain navigability analysis and sensor depolyment planning
Gehrung, Joachim; Hebel, Marcus; Arens, Michael; Stilla, Uwe
Conference Paper
2018Developing a georeferenced database of energy-intensive industry plants for estimation of excess heat potentials
Manz, Pia; Fleiter, Tobias; Aydemir, Ali
Conference Paper
2017Spatially-resolved analysis of the challenges and opportunities of Power-to-Gas (PtG) in Baden-Württemberg until 2040
König, Sebastian; Bchini, Quentin; McKenna, Russell; Köppel, Wolfgang; Bachseitz, Michael; Michaelis, Julia
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2016Energy savings of inter-company heat integration: Tapping potentials with spatial analysis
Aydemir, Ali; Rohde, Clemens; Ko, Dorothea
Conference Paper
2014Spatial health
Oldfield, E.; Watson, Kym
Journal Article
2004Interactive visual exploration of multidimensional data: Requirements for CommonGIS with OLAP
Voss, A.; Voss, H.; Hernandez, V.; Scheider, S.
Conference Paper