Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Human exposure to NO₂ in school and office indoor environments
Salonen, Heidi; Salthammer, Tunga; Morawska, Lidia
Journal Article
2018Printed Dopant Sources for Locally-Doped SiOx/Poly-Si Passivating Contacts
Kiaee, Z.; Reichel, C.; Feldmann, F.; Jahn, M.; Huyeng, J.D.; Keding, R.; Hermle, M.; Clement, F.
Conference Paper
2013Simulation of the sound radiation of an air conditioning unit from a railway vehicle using transfermatrix techniques
Linke, Moritz; Starobinski, Rüdiger; Drossel, Welf-Guntram; Troge, Jan; Kunze, Holger; Knöfel, Björn
Conference Paper
2011Effiziente Vektorisierung durch semi-automatisierte Code-Optimierung im Polyedermodell
Feld, Dustin
Kasal, B.; Lear, G.; Anthony, R.
Book Article
2009Nanosecond THz-OPO with a Novel QPM Scheme
Molter, D.; Theuer, M.; Beigang, R.
Conference Paper
1998Trends in atmospheric mercury concentrations at the summit of the Wank Mountain, Southern Germany
Slemr, F.; Scheel, H.E.
Journal Article
1996Influence of SiNx passivation on the surface potential of GaInAs and AlInAs in HEMT layer structures
Arps, M.; Each, H.-G.; Passenberg, W.; Umbach, A.; Schlaak, W.
Conference Paper
1996Sources of airborne CCl4. Critical remarks
Weiß, A.
Journal Article
1992A laboratory X-ray microscope with a plasma X-ray source
Schmahl, G.; Niemann, B.; Rudolph, D.; Diehl, M.; Thieme, J.; Neff, W.; Holz, R.; Herziger, G.; Richter, F.
Book Article