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2012GUI 4D - the role and the impact of visual, multimedia and multilingual user interfaces in ICT applications and services for users coming from the bottom of the pyramid - first concepts, prototypes and experiences
Baduza, G.; Eloff, Jan H.P.; Kok, D.; Encarnação, José L.; Merz, C.; Przewloka, M.
Book Article
2008Telemedicine via satellite: Linking eHealth and development in rural Peru and Brazil
Menary, Wayne; Sachpazidis, Ilias; Rizou, Despoina
Conference Paper
2003Requirements of deaf user of information visualization. An interdisciplinary approach
Burmeister, D.
Conference Paper
2000Cultural Heritage in the Mature Era of Computer Graphics
Berndt, E.; Teixeira, J.C.
Journal Article