Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Stochastic Cloning and Smoothing for Fusion of Multiple Relative and Absolute Measurements for Localization and Mapping
Emter, Thomas; Petereit, Janko
Conference Paper
2012Efficient volumetric anisotropic diffusion computation on GPUs
Kuijper, Arjan; Schwarzkopf, Andreas; Kalbe, Thomas; Goesele, Michael
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2012Volumetric nonlinear anisotropic diffusion on GPUs
Schwarzkopf, Andreas; Kalbe, Thomas; Bajaj, Chandrajit L.; Kuijper, Arjan; Goesele, Michael
Conference Paper
2007Interaktive Splineapproximation prozedural generierter Terraindaten
Wirth, Christian
: Zeilfelder, Frank (Betreuer); Kalbe, Thomas (Betreuer)
Bachelor Thesis
2006Point-sampled cell complexes
Adamson, A.; Alexa, M.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2004Carbon buffer layers for smoothing substrates of EUV and X-ray multilayer mirrors
Braun, S.; Bendjus, B.; Foltyn, T.; Menzel, M.; Schreiber, J.; Weißbach, D.
Conference Paper
2002Wiener filtering of meshes
Alexa, M.
Conference Paper