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2019Experimental and theoretical 2p core-level spectra of size-selected gas-phase aluminum and silicon cluster cations: Chemical shifts, geometric structure, and coordination-dependent screening
Walter, M.; Vogel, M.; Zamudio-Bayer, V.; Lindbad, R.; Reichenbach, T.; Hirsch, K.; Langenberg, A.; Rittmann, J.; Kulesza, A.; Mitric, R.; Moseler, M.; Möller, T.; Issendorff, B. von; Lau, J.T.
Journal Article
2008Stress-driven oxidation chemistry of wet silicon surfaces
Colombi Ciacchi, L.; Cole, D.J.; Payne, M.C.; Gumbsch, P.
Journal Article
2007Stress development and impurity segregation during oxidation of the Si(100) surface
Cole, D.J.; Payne, M.C.; Colombi Ciacchi, L.
Journal Article