Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Observation of interaction forces by investigation of the influence of eluent additives on the retention behavior of aqueous nanoparticle dispersions in asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation
Nickel, Conrad; Scherer, Christian; Noskov, Sergey; Bantz, Christoph; Berger, Martin; Schupp, Wolfgang; Maskos, Michael
Journal Article
2020Influence of the Temperature on Coccolith-Containing Systems from Emiliania huxleyi Cultivations
Chairopoulou, Makrina Artemis; Kratzer, Fabian; Gross, Roland; Herrmann, Michael; Teipel, Ulrich
Journal Article
2018Green separation and characterization of fatty acids from solid wastes of leather industry in supercritical fluid CO2
Önem, Ersin; Renner, Manfred; Prokein, Michael
Journal Article
2018Towards an empirical model for the prediction of the selectivity of polymer membranes
Graunke, Thorsten; Schmitt, Katrin; Busch, Sebastian; Raible, Stefan; Wöllenstein, Jürgen
Journal Article
2017Separation of the surface and bulk recombination in silicon by means of transient photoluminescence
Heinz, F.D.; Warta, W.; Schubert, M.C.
Journal Article
2016A Biomimetic Approach for Separating Microplastics from Water
Hamann, Leandra
Master Thesis
2016An experimental approach to generalized Wiener filtering in music source separation
Dittmar, Christian; Paulus, Jouni; Driedger, Jonathan; Müller, Meinard
Conference Paper
2016Harmonic-percussive-residual sound separation using the structure tensor on spectrograms
Füg, Richard; Niedermeier, Andreas; Driedger, Jonathan; Disch, Sascha; Müller, Meinard
Conference Paper
2015Nachbearbeitung von teilgetrennten Bauelementen in der Halbleitertechnik
Lewke, Dirk; Schellenberger, Martin
2015Purification of microalgae from bacterial contamination using a disposable inertia-based microfluidic device
Godino, Neus; Jorde, Felix; Lawlor, Daryl; Jaeger, Magnus S.; Duschl, Claus
Journal Article
2014Selective laser treatment and laser patterning of metallic and semiconducting nanotubes in single walled carbon nanotube films
Roch, Aljoscha; Roch, Teja; Talens, Esther; Kaiser, Bert; Lasagni, Andrés F.; Beyer, Eckhard; Jost, Oliver; Cuniberti, Gianaurelio; Leson, Andreas
Journal Article
2014Separation of harmful impurities from refuse derived fuels (RDF) by a fluidized bed
Krüger, Burkhard; Mrotzek, Asja; Wirtz, Siegmar
Journal Article
2014Sinusoidal substitution - an integrated parametric tool for enhancement of transform-based perceptual audio coders
Disch, Sascha; Schubert, Benjamin
Conference Paper
2014Werkstoffliches Recycling von Elastomeren in Theorie und Praxis
Hoyer, Stefan; Kroll, Lothar; Nendel, Wolfgang; Kempt, Wolfgang; Kausch, Martin; Mittmann, Anne; Böhme, Arnold
Journal Article
2013Characterization of waste materials for optimizing aerodynamic separation steps
Krüger, Burkhard; Mrotzek, Asja; Wirtz, Siegmar
2013Nanoporöse Membranen
Thormann, A.; Heilmann, A.
Journal Article
2013Stability and annealing of alucones and alucone alloys
Ghazaryan, Lilit; Kley, Ernst-Bernhard; Tünnermann, Andreas; Szeghalmi, Adriana Viorica
Journal Article
2012Separation of Refused Derived Fuels (RDF) in a fluidised bed - simulation of RDF-particle properties and flow conditions
Krüger, Burkhard; Mrotzek, Asja; Marzi, Thomas; Wirtz, Siegmar
Conference Paper
2011Bedarf für Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich Neuartiger Sanitärsysteme (NASS)
Dockhorn, T.; Hillenbrand, T.; Langergraber, G.; Londong, J.; Maurer, M.; Niederste-Hollenberg, J.; Steinmetz, H.
Journal Article
2011Separation process of thin crystalline silicon-wafer with compressed air
Ehm, Alexander
Conference Paper
2010Nanocomposite MFI-alumina hollow fibre membranes prepared via pore-plugging synthesis: Influence of the porous structure of hollow fibres on the gas/vapour separation performance
Deng, Z.; Nicolas, C.-H.; Daramola, M.O.; Sublet, J.; Schiestel, T.; Burger, A.J.; Guo, Y.; Giroir-Fendler, A.; Pera-Titus, M.
Journal Article
2008IR and NIR separation techniques for particle boards made of recycling wood
Meinlschmidt, P.
Conference Paper
2005Dialysis and reverse osmosis
Spohn, U.
Book Article
2000Gewinnung eines sensorisch und funktionell hochwertigen Protein-Trockenpräparats aus Rinderblutplasma
Pauly, D.
1998Von innen heraus - Produktionsintegrierter Umweltschutz in der chemischen Industrie
Kümmel, R.
Journal Article
1997Möglichkeiten zur Trennung und werkstofflichen Verwertung von Kunststoffverbunden
Pannkoke, K.; Schippmann, D.; Brede, M.
Conference Paper
1992Probleme und Lösungsansätze bei der thermischen Beseitigung von kampf- und explosivstoffhaltigem Material
Backof, E.; Volk, F.; Hommel, H.; Hansen, R.
Conference Paper
1991Measurement of transient gas temperature distributions by Abel inversion and computer tomography.
Lawton, B.; Klingenberg, G.
1990The Na/Cl ratio in rainwater and the seasalt chloride cycle
Moller, D.
Journal Article
1986Novel structure for television picture noise reduction
Schamel, G.
Journal Article