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2011Auto-discovery and auto-configuration of routers in an autonomic network
Prakash, A.; Starschenko, A.; Chaparadza, R.
Conference Paper
2011On-demand monitoring: A monitoring paradigm for traffic flows in multi-service self-managing networks
Chaparadza, Ranganai
: Schieferdecker, Ina (Betreuer)
2010Towards a unified architecture for resilience, survivability and autonomic fault-management for self-managing networks
Tcholtchev, N.; Grajzer, M.; Vidalenc, B.
Conference Paper
2009Addressing stability of control-loops in the context of the GANA architecture: Synchronization of actions and policies
Tcholtchev, N.; Chaparadza, R.; Prakash, A.
Conference Paper
2009Creating a viable evolution path towards self-managing future internet via a standardizable reference model for autonomic network engineering
Chaparadza, R.; Papavassiliou, S.; Kastrinogiannis, T.; Vigoureux, M.; Dotaro, E.; Davy, A.; Quinn, K.; Wodczak, M.; Toth, A.; Liakopoulos, A.; Wilson, M.
Book Article
2009Implementation of the UniFAFF framework for autonomic fault-management in ANA networks
Chaparadza, R.; Tcholtchev, N.; Schieferdecker, I.
Conference Paper
2008Requirements for a generic autonomic network architecture (GANA), suitable for standardizable autonomic behavior specifications of decision-making-elements (DMEs) for diverse networking environments
Chaparadza, R.
Book Article