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2020Impact of surface chemistry and doping concentrations on biofunctionalization of GaN/Ga-In-N quantum wells
Naskar, Nilanjon; Schneidereit, Martin F.; Huber, Florian; Chakrabortty, Sabyasachi; Veith, Lothar; Metzger, Markus; Kirste, Lutz; Fuchs, Theo; Diemant, Thomas; Weil, Tanja; Behm, R. Jürgen; Thonke, Klaus; Scholz, Ferdinand
Journal Article
2016Integrated strategy toward self-powering and selectivity tuning of semiconductor gas sensors
Gad, A.; Hoffmann, M.W.G.; Casals, O.; Mayrhofer, L.; Fabrega, C.; Caccamo, L.; Hernandez-Ramirez, F.; Mohajerani, M.S.; Moseler, M.; Shen, H.; Waag, A.; Prades, J.D.
Journal Article
2016Molecularly imprinted electropolymer for a hexameric heme protein with direct electron transfer and peroxide electrocatalysis
Peng, Lei; Yarman, Aysu; Jetzschmann, Katharina J.; Jeoung, Jae-Hun; Schad, Daniel; Dobbek, Holger; Wollenberger, Ulla; Scheller, Frieder W.
Journal Article
2013In situ synthesized gold nanoparticles for direct electrochemistry of horseradish peroxidase
Wan, Q.; Song, H.; Shu, H.; Wang, Z.; Zou, J.; Yang, N.
Journal Article
2007Rapid protein expression analysis with an interferometric biosensor for monitoring protein production
Hoffmann, C.; Schmitt, K.; Brandenburg, A.; Hartmann, S.
Journal Article
2006Mixed self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) consisting of methoxy-tri(ethylene glycol)-terminated and alkyl-terminated dimethylchlorosilanes control the non-specific adsorption of proteins at oxidic surfaces
Hoffmann, C.; Tovar, G.
Journal Article
1997Characterization of vapor phase deposited organic molecules on silicon surfaces
Dieckhoff, S.; Höper, R.; Schlett, V.; Gesang, T.; Possart, W.; Hennemann, O.-D.; Günster, J.; Kempter, V.
Journal Article