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2018Edge facet dynamics during the growth of heavily doped n-type silicon by the Czochralski-method
Stockmeier, Ludwig; Kranert, Christian; Raming, Georg; Miller, Alfred; Reimann, Christian; Rudolph, Peter; Friedrich, Jochen
Journal Article
2016Grain boundary segregation in sintered materials: Effect on densification and grain growth
Lay, Sabine; Guyon, Audrey; Chaix, Jean-Marc; Carry, Claude; Pötschke, Johannes
Conference Paper
2015An application software download concept for safety-critical embedded platforms
Dropmann, Christoph; Drausio, Rossi
Conference Paper
2015First-principles investigation of hydrogen trapping and diffusion at grain boundaries in nickel
Stefano, D. di; Mrovec, M.; Elsässer, C.
Journal Article
2014On an improved boron segregation calibration from a particularly sensitive power MOS process
Koffel, S.; Burenkov, A.; Sekowski, M.; Pichler, P.; Giubertoni, D.; Bersani, M.; Knaipp, M.; Wachmann, E.; Schrems, M.; Yamamoto, Y.; Bolze, D.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2014A Systematic Approach for Software Interference Analysis
Zimmer, Bastian; Dropmann, Christoph; Hänger, Jochen Ulrich
Conference Paper
2013Anomalous impurity segregation and local bonding fluctuation in l-Si
Fisicaro, G.; Huet, K.; Negru, R.; Hackenberg, M.; Pichler, P.; Taleb, N.; La Magna, A.
Journal Article
2012Area-selective microplasma treatment in microfluidic channels for novel fluid phase separators
Eichler, M.; Nagel, K.; Hennecke, P.; Klages, C.-P.
Journal Article
2010Characterization of arsenic segregation at Si/SiO2 interface by 3D atom probe tomography
Ngamo, M.; Duguay, S.; Pichler, P.; Daoud, K.; Pareige, P.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2010Origin of the selective Cr oxidation in CoCr alloy surfaces
Zimmermann, J.; Ciacchi, L.C.
Journal Article
2009Interstitial impurities at grain boundaries in metals
Janisch, R.; Elsässer, C.
Journal Article
2008Detailed arsenic concentration profiles at Si/SiO2 interfaces
Pei, L.; Duscher, G.; Steen, C.; Pichler, P.; Ryssel, H.; Napolitani, E.; Salvador, D. de; Piro, A.M.; Terrasi, A.; Severac, F.; Cristiano, F.; Ravichandran, K.; Gupta, N.; Windl, W.
Journal Article
2008Distribution and segregation of arsenic at the SiO2/Si interface
Steen, C.; Martinez-Limia, A.; Pichler, P.; Ryssel, H.; Paul, S.; Lerch, W.; Pei, L.; Duscher, G.; Severac, F.; Cristiano, F.; Windl, W.
Journal Article
2007Characterization of the pile-up of As at the SiO2/Si interface
Steen, C.; Martinez-Limia, A.; Pichler, P.; Ryssel, H.; Pei, L.; Duscher, G.; Windl, W.
Conference Paper
2007Diffusion and deactivation of As in Si: Combining atomistic and continuum simulation approaches
Martinez-Limia, A.; Steen, C.; Pichler, P.; Gupta, N.; Windl, W.; Paul, S.; Lerch, W.
Conference Paper
2006Structure and thermoelectric properties of boron doped nanocrystalline Si0.8Ge0.2 thin film
Takashiri, M.; Borca-Tasciuc, T.; Jacquot, A.; Miyazaki, K.; Cheng, G.
Journal Article
2001Schnelle, ortsaufgelöste Materialanalyse mittels Laser-Emissionsspektrometrie (LIBS)
Bette, H.; Noll, R.; Jansen, H.W.; Mittelstädt, H.; Müller, G.; Nazikkol, C.
Journal Article
1999Solid-solubility limits of Be in molecular beam epitaxy grown Al(x)Ga(1-x)As layers and short-period superlattices
Gaymann, A.; Maier, M.; Köhler, K.
Journal Article
1996Real-time study of dopant incorporation and segregation during MBE growth of GaAs(001):Si
Däweritz, L.; Schützendübe, P.; Stahrenberg, K.; Maier, M.; Ploog, K.
Conference Paper
1996Tailoring of Si doping layers in GaAs during molecular beam epitaxy
Däweritz, L.; Kostial, H.; Ramsteiner, M.; Klann, R.; Schützendübe, P.; Stahrenberg, K.; Behrend, J.; Hey, R.; Maier, M.; Ploog, K.
Journal Article
1991Measurement of transient gas temperature distributions by Abel inversion and computer tomography.
Lawton, B.; Klingenberg, G.
1991Redistribution of epitaxial Si on -001- GaAs during overgrowth by GaAs.
Brandt, O.; Crook, G.E.; Ploog, K.; Maier, M.; Wagner, J.
Journal Article
1988Influence of phosphorus and sulphur segregation on stress relief chracking
Horn, H.; Pintat, T.; Schlett, V.; Weiss, H.
Journal Article
1985Untersuchungen der Relaxationsrißbildung mit Hilfe der Elektronenstrahlmetallographie
Horn, H.; Pintat, T.; Kunze, H.-D.
Conference Proceedings
1984Untersuchungen der Bruchmechanismen bei Relaxationsversuchen mittels Elektronenstrahlmetallographie
Horn, H.; Pintat, T.
Conference Paper