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2019Effect of electric load and dual atmosphere on the properties of an alkali containing diopside-based glass sealant for solid oxide cells
Sabato, A.G.; Rost, Axel; Schilm, Jochen; Kusnezoff, Mihails; Salvo, Milena; Chrysanthou, Andreas; Smeacetto, Federico
Journal Article
2015Complementary approach for the bubble-free seam sealing of bonded hem flanges
Neumann, Ivo Fabian; Fricke, Holger; Mayer, Bernd; Menzel, Sandra; Jesche, Fred; Landgrebe, Dirk
Conference Paper
2015FEM-simulation of water vapor ingress into glass-glass-modules with polymeric edge sealant and a new experimental set up for permeation tests for sealing material
Klimm, E.; Piekarczyk, A.; Vogt, F.; Ballion, A.; Weiß, K.-A.; Köhl, M.
Conference Paper