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2021Generalized approach of scratch adhesion testing and failure classification for hard coatings using the concept of relative area of delamination and properly scaled indenters
Zawischa, Martin; Supian, Muhammad Muiz Azri Bin Mohamad; Makowski, Stefan; Schaller, Frank; Weihnacht, Volker
Journal Article
2020Vacuum oxy-nitro carburizing of tool steels: Structure and mechanical reliability
Nikolova, Maria; Nikolov, Danail; Yankov, Emil; Derin, Bora; Topalski, Slavcho
Journal Article
2016Scratch resistance of superhard carbon coatings - a new approach to failure and adhesion evaluation
Zawischa, Martin; Makowski, Stefan; Schwarzer, N.; Weihnacht, Volker
Journal Article
2010Influence of different plasma nitriding treatments on the wear and crack behavior of forging tools evaluated by Rockwell indentation and scratch tests
Paschke, H.; Weber, M.; Kaestner, P.; Braeuer, G.
Journal Article
2009Iridium coatings with titanium sub-layer deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
Hagen, J.; Burmeister, F.; Fromm, A.; Manns, P.; Kleer, G.
Journal Article
1995Non-destructive evaluation of the mechanical behaviour of TiN-coated steels by laser-induced ultrasonic surface waves
Schneider, D.; Ollendorf, H.; Schwarz, T.
Journal Article
1995Nondestructive evaluation of TiN films with interface defects by surface acoustic waves
Ollendorf, H.; Schneider, D.; Schwarz, T.; Mucha, A.
Journal Article
1992Zur Charakterisierung mechanischer Eigenschaften von Oberflächen und Schichten
Sommer, E.; Olaf, J.M.
Conference Paper