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2020A 600 V p-GaN gate HEMT with intrinsic freewheeling schottky-diode in a GaN power IC with bootstrapped driver and sensors
Mönch, Stefan; Reiner, Richard; Waltereit, Patrick; Müller, Stefan; Quay, Rüdiger; Ambacher, Oliver; Kallfass, Ingmar
Conference Paper
2020Frequency multiplier and mixer MMICs based on a metamorphic HEMT technology including schottky diodes
Thome, Fabian; Ture, Erdin; Iannucci, Robert; Leuther, Arnulf; Schäfer, Frank; Navarrini, Alessandro; Serres, Patrice
Journal Article
2020Influence of Different Surface Morphologies on the Performance of High-Voltage, Low-Resistance Diamond Schottky Diodes
Reinke, Philipp; Benkhelifa, Fouad; Kirste, Lutz; Czap, Heiko; Pinti, Lucas; Zürbig, Verena; Cimalla, Volker; Nebel, Christoph E.; Ambacher, Oliver
Journal Article
2014A low-power W-band receiver MMIC for amplitude modulated wireless communication up to 24 Gbit/s
Thome, F.; Maroldt, S.; Schlechtweg, M.; Ambacher, O.
Conference Paper
2014Planar zero bias Schottky diodes on an InGaAs metamorphic HEMT MMIC process
Thome, F.; Leuther, A.; Maroldt, S.; Schlechtweg, M.; Ambacher, O.
Journal Article
1985Modification to the HP 4274/75A LCR meters for investigation of device admittance under heavy forward bias conditions
Bach, H.G.; Dressler, W.
Journal Article