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2020Inspection of trivalent chromium conversion coatings using laser light: The unexpected role of interference on cold-rolled aluminium
Rischmüller, Jörg; Toschke, Yannic; Imlau, Mirco; Schlag, Mareike; Brüning, Hauke; Brune, Kai
Journal Article
2020Simulation of laser speckle patterns generated by random rough surfaces
Schwenger, Frédéric; Braesicke, Katrin
Conference Paper
2012Total integrated scatter from surfaces with arbitrary roughness, correlation widths and incident angles
Harvey, James; Schröder, Sven; Choi, Narak; Duparré, Angela
Journal Article
2010Angle-resolved THz time domain reflection spectroscopy of rough surfaces
Robiné, C.D.; Wiegand, C.; Rühle, K.; Ellrich, F.; Weinland, T.; Beigang, R.
Conference Paper
2003Effects of interface roughness on the spectral properties of thin films and multilayers
Tikhonravov, A.V.; Trubetskov, M.K.; Tikhonravov, A.A.; Duparre, A.
Journal Article
1999The influence of surface oxidation on the pH-sensing properties of silicon nitride
Mikolajick, T.; Kuhnhold, R.; Schnupp, R.; Ryssel, H.
Journal Article
1999Modeling of edge roughness in ion projection lithography
Henke, W.; Torkler, M.
Journal Article
19943D-Formvermessung mittels Zwei-Wellenlängen-ESPI-Technik
Maack, T.; Notni, G.; Schreiber, W.
Conference Paper