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2017Framework for fair comparisons of underwater vehicle controllers - showcasing the robustness properties of a model-free sliding mode controller tuned with a random-forest-based Bayesian optimization approach
Marcusso Manhães, Musa Morena; Scherer, Sebastian A.; Douat, Luiz Ricardo; Voss, Martin; Rauschenbach, Thomas
Conference Paper
2014Robust current control design of a three phase voltage source converter
Gong, Wenming; Hu, Shuju; Shan, Martin; Xu, Honghua
Journal Article
2010A camera based closed loop control system for keyhole welding processes: Algorithm comparison
Nicolosi, L.; Tetzlaff, R.; Abt, F.; Blug, A.; Höfler, H.
Conference Paper
1995Reliability and Safety for Mobile Robots in Hostile Environment
Baum, W.; Langen, A.
Conference Paper
1990Frequency domain analysis of robot joint dynamics
Engell, S.; Kleiner, A.
Conference Paper
1990Modellierung eines Industrieroboters mit Getriebeelastizitäten
Engell, S.; Wöllhaf, K.
Conference Paper
1990Robust control with step-response matching
Oukhai, A.; Overhoff, M.; Engell, S.
Conference Paper