Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
20194 x 2D visual Servoing approach for advanced Robot applications
Bdiwi, Mohamad; Suchy, Jozef; Putz, Matthias
Book Article
2019Towards Automated Order Picking Robots for Warehouses and Retail
Bormann, Richard; Brito, Bruno Ferreira de; Lindermayr, Jochen; Omainska, Marco; Patel, Mayank
Conference Paper
2018Künstliche Intelligenz in der Robotik
Kleeberger, Kilian
Conference Paper
2018Silhouetten-Schnittverfahren unterstützte Ansichtenplanung zur automatisierten 3D-Digitalisierung
Metko, Frederik
: Weber, Hans-Peter (Referent); Hergenröther, Elke (Korreferentin); Tausch, Reimar (Betreuer)
Bachelor Thesis
2018Touchless heart rate recognition by robots to support natural human-robot communication
Bieber, Gerald; Antony, Niklas; Haescher, Marian
Conference Paper
2017Unique platform for observing/evaluating various levels of interaction between human and industrial robot
Bdiwi, Mohamad; Putz, Matthias; Breitfeld, Marco
Conference Paper
2016Autonomous disassembly of electric vehicle motors based on robot cognition
Bdiwi, Mohamad; Rashid, Aquib; Putz, Matthias
Conference Paper
2015On-orbit real-time robust cooperative target identification in complex background
Zhuoman, Wen; Yanjie, Wang; Kuijper, Arjan; Nan, Di; Jun, Luo; Lei, Zhang; Minghe, Jin
Journal Article
2011Neuer IPA-Aufwälzgreifer - flexibel und robotertauglich
Palzkill, Matthias; Mütherich, Hendrik
Journal Article
2011Objekt der Begierde lokalisieren und greifen
Mütherich, Hendrik; Palzkill, Matthias
Journal Article
2010Vision based victim detection from unmanned aerial vehicles
Andriluka, Mykhaylo; Schnitzspan, Paul; Meyer, Johannes; Kohlbrecher, Stefan; Petersen, Karen; Stryk, Oskar von; Roth, Stefan; Schiele, Bernt
Conference Paper
2004Omnidirectional Vision and Inertial Clues for Robot Navigation
Stratmann, I.; Solda, E.
Journal Article
2001Quantitative evaluation of matching methods and validity measures for stereo vision
Banks, J.; Corke, P.
Journal Article
2000View Planning for the 3D Modelling of Real World Scenes
Klein, K.; Sequeira, V.
Conference Paper
1990New stereoscopic vision system for the automated visual inspection
Lu, J.; Ahlers, R.-J.
Conference Paper
1989Illumination set-up planning for a hand-eye system based on environmental modell.
Niepold, R.; Sakane, S.; Sato, T.; Shirai, Y.
Journal Article
1989New concepts and processes for mounting circuit boards in lot size 1
Domm, M.; Schraft, R.D.
Conference Paper