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2017Rheological In-Mold Measurements and Characterizations of Sheet-Molding-Compound (SMC) Formulations with Different Constitution Properties by Using a Compressible Shell Model
Hohberg, Martin; Kärger, Luise; Bücheler, David; Henning, Frank
Journal Article
2013Influence of shear deformation on the electrical and rheological properties of combined filler networks in polymer melts: Carbon nanotubes and carbon black in polycarbonate
Hilarius, Konrad; Lellinger, Dirk; Alig, Ingo; Villmow, Tobias; Pegel, Sven; Pötschke, Petra
Journal Article
2002Comparative investigations on ER fluids with different polarization mechanisms
Bose, H.; Trendler, A.
Journal Article
1993Rheological properties of silicon carbide hot-moulding slips
Lenk, R.
Conference Paper
1990Molecular structure of the ideal solid propellant binder
Stacer, R.G.
Conference Paper