Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Collaborative and distributed QoS monitoring and prediction: A heterogeneous link layer concept towards always resilient V2X communication
Hincapie, Daniel; Saad, Ahmad; Jiru, Josef
Conference Paper
2019Enhanced crisis-preparation of Critical Infrastructures through a participatory qualitative-quantitative interdependency analysis approach
Dierich, Axel; Tzavella, Katerina; Setiadi, Neysa Jacqueline; Fekete, Alexander; Neisser, Florian
Conference Paper
2019A new security approach in telecom infrastructures: The RESISTO concept
Belesioti, Maria; Makri, Rodoula; Fehling-Kaschek, Mirjam; Carli, Marco; Kostopoulos, Alexandros; Chochliouros, Ioannis P.; Neri, Alberto; Frosali, Federico
Conference Paper
2019A systematic tabular approach for risk and resilience assessment and improvement in the telecommunication industry
Fehling-Kaschek, Mirjam; Faist, Katja; Miller, Natalie; Finger, Jörg; Häring, Ivo; Carli, Marco; Battisti, Federica; Makri, Rodoula; Celozzi, Guiseppe; Amato, Guiseppe; Belesioti, Maria; Sfakianakis, Evangelos
Conference Paper
2018A Context-Aware, Confidence-Disclosing and Fail-Operational Dynamic Risk Assessment Architecture
Feth, Patrik; Adler, Rasmus; Schneider, Daniel
Conference Paper
2018How to demarcate resilience? A reflection on reviews in disaster resilience research
Vollmer, Maike; Walther, Gerald
Book Article
2018Resilience quantification of urban areas
Fischer, Kai
: Hiermaier, Stefan (Hrsg.)
2018Safety and availability of road infrastructure during extreme natural and man-made events
Harder, Jennifer; Finger, Jörg; Anastassiadou, Kalliopi; Fischer, Kai; Stolz, Alexander
Conference Paper
2017D2.2 Report on challenges for SCIs
Walther, Gerald; Jovanovic, Milos; Vollmer, Maike; Desmond, Gerard; Choudhary, Amrita; Székely, Zoltán; Sanne, Johan; Klimek, Peter; Bezrukov, Dmitrij; Koivisto, Raija; Molarius, Riitta; Mascari, I.; Stumphauser, Imre; Knape, Thomas; Bergfors, Linus; Buhr, Katerina; Jovanovic, Aleksandar; Albrecht, Nils; Warkentin, Sebastian; Devarajan, J.; Tetlak, K.; Auerkari, P.; Tuurna, Satu; Pohja, R.; Santamaría, Nestor Alfonzo; Nikolic, Mirjana; Blazevic, Dragana; Eremić, Svetozar
2017D4.1 - Supervised RIs: Defining resilience indicators based on risk assessment frameworks
Øien, Knut; Bodsberg, Lars; Hoem, Å.; Øren, Anita; Grøtan, Tor Olav; Jovanovic, Aleksandar; Choudhary, Amrita; Jelic, M.; Petrenj, Boris; Tetlak, K.; Kokejl, Roswitha; Djurovic, S.; Rosen, T.; Husta, Stefan; Lanzrath, Marian; Pusch, Thorsten; Suhrke, Michael; Walther, Gerald; Székely, Zoltán; Macsári, I.; Bouklis, P.; Lykourgiotis, K.; Markogiannakis, M.; Sanne, Johan; Bergfors, Linus; Ekholm, Hanna Matschke; Eremić, Svetozar; Bezrukov, Dmitrij; Blazević, D.; Molarius, Riitta; Koivisto, Raija; Auerkari, Pertti; Pohja, Rami; Tuurna, Satu
2017D5.1 A critical evaluation of standardisation as a tool for improving preparedness, crisis management and disaster resilience with recommendations for future development and actions
Woitsch, Pertti; Löscher, Michael; Pfau, Vanessa; Tetlak, Katarzyna; Lau, Ying Ying; Haverhals, Merel; Karppinen, Antti; Fykse, Else-Marie; Vollmer, Maike; Walther, Gerald; Poussa, Liisa; Heikkilä, Anna-Mari
2017A precondition for optimized resource use in the context of smart factories
Putz, Matthias
2016D1.1 Initial framework for resilience assessment
Vollmer, Maike; Walther, Gerald; Jovanovic, Aleksandar; Schmid, Nicolas; Øien, Knut; Grøtan, Tor Olav; Choudhary, Amrita; Kokejl, Roswitha; Buhr, Katarina; Karlsson, Anja; Egloff, Rainer
2016Empirical susceptibility, vulnerability and risk analysis for resilience enhancement of urban areas to terrorist events
Vogelbacher, Georg; Häring, Ivo; Fischer, Kai; Riedel, Werner
Journal Article
2015Analysing organisational, legal, and political framework conditions to support the implementation of new crisis management solutions
Vollmer, Maike; Tagarev, Todor; Frech, Isabelle
Conference Paper
2015A semantic IoT early warning system for natural environment crisis management
Posland, S.; Middleton, S.E.; Chaves, Fernando; Tao, R.; Necmioglu, O.; Bügel, Ulrich
Journal Article
2014Innovative tools in crisis management - Dependency of their success to enhance societal resilience from laws, policies, and institutional structures
Vollmer, Maike
Conference Paper
2010Autonomic fault-management and resilience from the perspective of the network operation personnel
Tcholtchev, N.; Chaparadza, R.
Conference Paper
2010Towards a unified architecture for resilience, survivability and autonomic fault-management for self-managing networks
Tcholtchev, N.; Grajzer, M.; Vidalenc, B.
Conference Paper
2004Improving resilience in ethernet based access networks
Langguth, T.; Toelle, D.; Zimmer, W.; Heidrich, M.; Knorr, R.