Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Massive clonal selection and transiently contributing clones during expansion of mesenchymal stem cell cultures revealed by lentiviral RGB-barcode technology
Selich, Anton; Daudert, Jannik; Hass, Ralf; Philipp, Friederike; Kaisenberg, Constantin von; Paul, Gabi; Cornils, Kerstin; Fehse, Boris; Rittinghausen, Susanne; Schambach, Axel; Rothe, Michael
Journal Article
2010Method for the rapid detection and molecular characterization of DNA alkylating agents by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
Garaguso, I.; Halter, R.; Krzeminski, J.; Amin, S.; Borlak, J.
Journal Article
2010Simulation-based comparison of two approaches frequently used for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
Zwick, S.; Brix, G.; Tofts, P.S.; Strecker, R.; Kopp-Schneider, A.; Laue, H.; Semmler, W.; Kiessling, F.
Journal Article
2007Diffusion tensor imaging-based fractional anisotropy quantification in the corticospinal tract of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using a probabilistic mixture model
Schimrigk, S.K.; Bellenberg, B.; Schlüter, M.; Stieltjes, B.; Drescher, R.; Rexilius, J.; Lukas, C.; Hahn, H.K.; Przuntek, H.; Köster, O.
Journal Article
2007Importance of comparison of current and prior mammograms in breast cancer screening
Roelofs, A.A.J.; Karssemeijer, N.; Wedekind, N.; Beck, C.; Woudenberg, S. van; Snoeren, P.R.; Hendriks, J.H.; Rosselli del Turco, M.; Bjurstam, N.; Junkermann, H.; Beijerinck, D.; Seradour, B.; Evertsz, C.J.G.
Journal Article
2006CT angiography of peripheral arterial bypass grafts: Accuracy and time-effectiveness of quantitative image analysis with an automated software tool
Keller, D.; Wildermuth, S.; Boehm, T.; Boskamp, T.; Mayer, D.; Schuster, H.L.; Marincek, B.; Alkadhi, H.
Journal Article
2006Effect of soft-copy display supported by CAD on mammography screening performance
Roelofs, A.A.J.; Woudenberg, S. van; Otten, J.D.M; Hendriks, J.H.; Bödicker, A.; Evertsz, C.J.G.; Karssemeijer, N.
Journal Article