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2015Terahertz waveform generation for S21-parameter measurements using a fiber-coupled optical pulse shaper
Rämer, Jan-Martin; Freymann, Georg von
Journal Article
2014A brief analysis on pulse front tilt in simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing
Zhang, S.; Wyrowski, F.; Kammel, R.; Nolte, Stefan
Conference Paper
2008PHY 43-1 - Pulse shaping, localization and the approximate eigenstructure of LTV channels
Jung, P.
Conference Paper
2002Laser beam micro welding in the watch industry
Olowinsky, A.M.; Kramer, T.; Durand, F.
Conference Paper
2002SHADOW - a new welding technique
Kramer, T.; Olowinsky, A.M.; Durand, F.
Conference Paper
1994Fast all-optical switching using two-section injection-locked semiconductor lasers
Weich, K.; Patzak, E.; Hörer, J.
Journal Article
1993One million pulse circulations in a fiber ring using a SLALOM for pulse shaping and noise reduction
Eiselt, M.; Pieper, W.; Grosskopf, G.; Ludwig, R.; Weber, H.G.
Journal Article