Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015Open source as enabler for OPC UA in industrial automation
Palm, Florian; Grüner, Sten; Pfrommer, Julius; Graube, Markus; Urbas, Leon
Conference Paper
2012Computational verification of C protocol implementations by symbolic execution
Aizatulin, M.; Gordon, D.; Jürjens, J.
Conference Paper
2009Conditions for the stability of wireless ARQ protocols and reliable communications
Giovanidis, A.; Stanczak, S.
Conference Paper
20061.25 Gbit/s indoor radio link extension of a Gigabit Ethernet CWDM access network
Grosskopf, G.; Habel, K.; Keusgen, W.; Rohde, D.; Langer, K.D.
Conference Paper
2004SIMS - eine Simulationsumgebung zur Analyse von Klassen von Angriffen
Bayarou, K.M.; Eckert, C.; Steiner, M.
Conference Paper
2003From call for tenders to sealed-bid auction for mediated eCommerce
Amirhamzeh Tafreschi, O.; Schneider, M.; Fankhauser, P.; Mahleko, B.; Tesch, T.
Conference Paper
2003On the security of fair non-repudiation protocols
Gürgens, S.; Rudolph, C.; Vogt, H.
Conference Paper
2002Ergänzende Datenschutzansätze
Schulze, G.; Enzmann, M.
Book Article
2002Network architectures for optical burst switching in "broadcast and select" switching
Feng, H.; Patzak, E.; Saniter, J.
Conference Paper
2001Benutzerfreundliche Realisierung von Verschlüsselungs- und Signaturfunktionen in einem E-Mail-System
Beermann, J.
2001Vulnerabilities and security limitations of current IP telephony systems
Ackermann, R.; Schumacher, M.; Roedig, U.; Steinmetz, R.
Conference Paper
1995Distributed multimedia applications and information on demand services
Kaul, M.
Conference Paper
1995The information footprint - a satellite-based information on demand teleservices
Jonas, K.; Jungblut, H.; Kaeber, J.; Kaul, M.; Müller, I.; Santo, H.; Schäfer, J.; Wegner, E.
Conference Paper
1995Interconnection of ATM-networks via satellite-links for multimedia teleconferencing
Kaul, M.; Jonas, K.; Klein, L.; Steinberg, D.
Conference Paper
1994Distributed multimedia research projects and applications in Germany
Kaul, M.; Jonas, K.; Rebensburg, K.; Ruge, F.
Conference Paper