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2019Investigation of the Influence of state-of-art Protective Coatings on the Electrochemical Performance of Nickel- and Cobalt containing Cathode Materials for the Application in All-Solid-State Batteries with thiophosphate-based Electrolytes
Cangaz, Sahin
: Hausbrand, René (Betreuer); Hippauf, Felix (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2019Thermal sprayed aluminum coatings A199 and AlSi12 on carbon fiber reinforced magnesium-alloy AZ91 for integration in aluminum-cast processes
Mrotzek, Tino; Condé-Wolter, Jan; Behnisch, Thomas; Gude, Maik; Barbosa, Maria Manuel; Scheitz, Stefan; Schultz, Davide; Leyens, Christoph
Conference Paper
2018Corrosion protection of offshore wind energy constructions in Germany: Challenges and approaches
Plagemann, Peter; Momber, A.W.
Journal Article
2017Protective coatings for chalcogenide glass molding
Friedrichs, Marcel; Staasmeyer, Jan-Helge; Dambon, Olaf; Klocke, Fritz
Conference Paper
1999Pulsed laser deposition of alumina and zirconia thin films on polymers and glass as optical and protective coatings
Gottmann, J.; Kreutz, E.W.
Journal Article
1994Charakterisierung dünner mit dem Laser-Arc abgeschiedener DLC-Schichten mit UV-VIS und IR-Spektroskopie
Drescher, D.; Jäckel, R.; Künzelmann, U.; Scheibe, H.J.
Journal Article
1994Protective coatings based on ORMOCER
Pilz, M.; Römich, H.; Fuchs, D.R.
Conference Paper
1992A glass sensor study to estimate the corrosive stresses at stained glass windows of Santa Maria Del Mar, Barcelona
Leissner, J.; Fuchs, D.R.
Conference Paper