Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Microchannel reactor heat-exchangers: A review of design strategies for the effective thermal coupling of gas phase reactions
Engelbrecht, Nicolaas; Everson, Raymond C.; Bessarabov, Dmitri; Kolb, Gunther
Journal Article
2014A novel technology for natural gas conversion by means of integrated oxidative coupling and dry reforming of methane
Thybaut, Joris; Marin, Guy; Mirodatos, Claude; Schuurman, Yves; Veen, Andre van; Sadykov, Vladislav; Pennemann, Helmut; Bellinghausen, Rainer; Mleczko, Leslaw
Journal Article
2013Bridging sustainability and intensified flow processing within process design for sustainable future factories
Kralisch, Dana; Ott, Denise; Kressirer, Sabine; Staffel, Christin; Sell, Ina; Krtschil, Ulrich; Löb, Patrick
Journal Article
2013Energy, catalyst and reactor considerations for (near)-industrial plasma processing and learning for nitrogen-fixation reactions
Hessel, Volker; Anastasopoulou, Aikaterini; Wang, Qi; Kolb, Gunther; Lang, J.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2012Free of water tanning using CO2 as process additive - An overview on the process development
Renner, Manfred; Weidner, Eckhard; Jochems, Björn; Geihsler, Helmut
Journal Article