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2018Aerosol-printed highly conductive Ag transmission lines for flexible electronic devices
Abt, Marvin; Roch, Aljoscha; Qayyum, Jubaid A.; Pestotnik, Svenja; Stepien, Lukas; Abu-Ageel, Atef; Wright, Brian; Ulusoy, Ahmet Cagri; Albrecht, John; Harle, Lee; Papapolymerou, John
Journal Article
2010P3T - a new technology for the cost and resource efficient inline production of flexible printed circuits, RFID antennas and biosensors
Borris, J.; Thomas, M.; Dohse, A.; Klages, C.-P.; Möbius, A.; Elbick, D.; Prinz, U.; Wandner, K.-H.; Weidlich, E.-R.
Journal Article
1999Towards the re-use of electronic products-quality assurance for the re-use of electronics
Potter, H.; Griese, H.; Middendorf, A.; Fotheringham, G.; Reichl, H.
Conference Paper
1997An efficient approach to predict solder fatigue life and its application to SM- and area array components
Dudek, R.; Nylen, M.; Schubert, A.; Michel, B.; Reichl, H.
Conference Paper