Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Precision Glass Molding of infrared optics with anti-reflective microstructures
Rojacher, Cornelia; Vu, Anh Tuan; Grunwald, Tim; Bergs, Thomas
Conference Paper
2020PtIr protective coating system for precision glass molding tools
Friedrichs, Marcel; Peng, Zirong; Grunwald, Tim; Rohwerder, Michael; Gault, Baptiste; Bergs, Thomas
Journal Article
2019Evaluation of mold materials for precision glass molding
Friedrichs, Marcel; Grunwald, Tim; Bergs, Thomas
Conference Paper
2019Replicative manufacturing of glass optics with functional microstructures
Rojacher, Cornelia; Grunwald, Tim; Bergs, Thomas
Conference Paper
2017Protective coatings for chalcogenide glass molding
Friedrichs, Marcel; Staasmeyer, Jan-Helge; Dambon, Olaf; Klocke, Fritz
Conference Paper
2016Influence of the interlayer material selection for PtIr-coatings on the degradation mechanisms for use in Precision Glass Molding
Friedrichs, Marcel; Dambon, Olaf; Bernhardt, Frank; Dong, Zhen; Klocke, Fritz
Conference Paper
2016Tribological wear analysis and numerical lifetime prediction of glassy carbon tools in fused silica molding
Dukwen, Julia; Friedrichs, Marcel; Liu, Gang; Tang, Minjie; Dambon, Olaf; Klocke, Fritz
Journal Article
2013Chalcogenide - mold interactions during Precision Glass Molding (PGM) of GeAsSe glasses
Gleason, Benn; Wachtel, Peter B.; Musgraves, Jonathan David; Steinkopf, Ralf; Eberhardt, Ramona; Richardson, Kathleen A.
Conference Paper