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2021Integrated series/parallel connection for photovoltaic laser power converters with optimized current matching
Wagner, L.; Reichmuth, S.K.; Philipps, S.P.; Oliva, E.; Bett, A.W.; Helmers, H.
Journal Article
2021New Frontiers in III-V based Photonic Power Converters
Helmers, H.
Conference Paper
2021Non-Uniform Illumination Impacts on O-Band InGaAsP and Metamorphic GaInAs Photonic Power Converters
Beattie, M.; Helmers, H.; Valdivia, C.E.; Lackner, D.; Höhn, O.; Hinzer, K.
Conference Paper
202051% Efficient Photonic Power Converters for O-Band Wavelengths around 1310 nm
Helmers, H.; Franke, A.; Lackner, D.; Höhn, O.; Predan, F.; Dimroth, F.
Conference Paper
20195 W Optical Power Link with Generic Voltage Output and Modulated Data Signal
Haid, M.; Armbruster, C.; Derix, D.; Schöner, C.; Helmers, H.
2019GaAs Multi-Junction Laser Power Converters at AZUR SPACE. Current Status and Development Activities
Keller, G.; Fuhrmann, D.; Wierzowski, T.; Volk, A.-K.; Fuhrmann, B.; Horst, L.; Wächter, C.; Schauerte, M.; Helmers, H.; Khorenko, V.
2016Spatial and spectral electroluminescence for single-junction single-segment GaAs laser power converter characterization
Kimovec, R.; Helmers, H.; Bett, A.W.; Topic, M.
2014Lightning-Safe Monitoring of Wind Turbine Rotor Blades Using Optically Powered Sensors
Worms, K.; Klamouris, C.; Wegh, F.; Meder, L.; Volkmer, D.; Phillips, S.; Reichmuth, S.K.; Helmers, H.; Bett, A.W.; Vourvoulakis, J.; Freude, W.; Leuthold, J.; Stork, W.
Conference Paper