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2021Accelerated curing of glued-in threaded rods by means of inductive heating - Part III: Transient curing
Ratsch, N.; Böhm, S.; Voß, Morten; Adam, Michael; Wirries, Jonas; Dreves, Nathan; Vallée, Till
Journal Article
2021Effects of four isocyanates and four plasticizers on the thermomechanical and tensile properties of hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene elastomers and the effect of solid particle filling
Seyidoglu, Tijen; Bohn, Manfred
Journal Article
2021Environmental Improvement Potential of Flexible Polyurethane Foam for Aviation Applications. A Case Example Analysis
Höhne, Carl-Christoph; Hanich, Ronny; Salles, Ana; Brantsch, Peter; Reichert, Thomas
2021On the functionalization and characterization of hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene with octyl-1-azide and the evaluation of polyurethane elastomers based on such modified HTPB
Lemos, Mauricio Ferrapontoff; Mendes, Luis Claudio; Bohn, Manfred
Journal Article
2021Resistive curing of glued-in rods
Ratsch, N.; Burnett-Barking, M.; Böhm, S.; Myslicki, Sebastian; Voß, Morten; Adam, Michael; Vallée, Till
Journal Article
2020Stress-based fatigue life prediction of adhesively bonded hybrid hyperelastic joints under multiaxial stress conditions
Çavdara, S.; Teutenberga, D.; Meschuta, G.; Wulf, Andreas; Hesebeck, Olaf; Brede, Markus; Mayer, Bernd
Journal Article
2020Under water glued stud bonding fasteners for offshore structures
Myslicki, Sebastian; Kordy, Heinrich; Kaufmann, Marvin; Créac'hcadec, Romain; Vallée, Till
Journal Article
2019Chemical Recycling of post-consumer Mattress Materials
Hanich, Ronny
Conference Paper
2019Hydrophobilization of furan-containing polyurethanes via Diels-Alder reaction with fatty maleimides
Schmidt, Phillipp; Eschig, Steven
Journal Article
2018Characterization of a polyurethane adhesive and comparative calibration of different material models in LS-DYNA
Gall, M.; Sommer, S.; Zerling, F.; Wagner, T.; Schlimper, R.
Conference Paper
2016UV direct laser interference patterning of polyurethane substrates as tool for tuning its surface wettability
Estevam-Alves, Regina; Günther, Denise; Dani, Sophie; Eckhardt, Sebastian; Roch, Teja; Mendonça, Cléber Renato; Cestari, Ismar Newton; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián
Journal Article
2014Multilayer dielectric elastomer stack actuators
Wagner, J.; Krause, J.; Clauberg, K.; Feller, T.; Orselli, E.; Schilling, C.; Lellinger, Dirk; Alig, I.; Uhl, D.; Böse, R.; Rabindranath, R.; Kretschmer, H.-R.; Theile, P.; Lotz, P.; Grotepaß, T.; Haus, H.; Mößinger, H.; Schlaak, H.F.
Conference Paper
2014Synthesis and characterization of polyurethane ionomers with trimellitic anhydride and dimethylol propionic acid for waterborne self-emulsifying dispersions
Bullermann, J.; Spohnholz, R.; Friebel, S.; Salthammer, T.
Journal Article
2010Biological relevance of ion energy in performance of human endothelial cells on ion-implanted flexible polyurethane surfaces
Ozkucur, N.; Richter, E.; Wetzel, C.; Funk, R.H.W.; Monsees, T.K.
Journal Article
2010Surface modification of polyurethan and silicone for therapeutic medical technics by means of electronen beam
Wetzel, C.; Schwarz, W.; Schönfelder, J.; Funk, R.H.W.
Journal Article
2008Investigation on zirconium-coated polyurethane surfaces with regard to biocompatibility
Wetzel, C.; Hollstein, F.; Funk, R.H.W.; Ozkucur, N.; Monsees, T.K.
Conference Paper
1993Hydrolyse und Oxidation von Kunststoffen und Additiven in unter- und überkritischem Wasser
Hirth, T.
Book Article
1992Dynamic behaviour of composites under preloading.
Geißler, A.; Geißler, E.
Journal Article
1992Influences of air pollutants on polymeric materials.
Reichert, T.F.; Ziegahn, K.-F.
Conference Paper
1992Polymers with high-energy substituents - Polyesters containing azidomethyl groups
Keicher, T.; Wasmann, F.W.
Journal Article
1991High pressure high temperature solvolysis of polymer binders in propellants and explosives
Bohn, M.A.
Conference Paper
1991Polymeralterung durch Luftschadstoffe
Krause, H.H.; Schmitt, D.; Ziegahn, K.-F.
Journal Article
1991Rückgewinnung von Treibmittelkomponenten durch Hochdruck-Hochtemperatur-Solvolyse
Bohn, M.A.; Neumann, H.
Conference Paper
1991Wirkung von Luftverunreinigungen auf Kunststoffe
Krause, H.H.; Ziegahn, K.-F.
Journal Article
1989Polymer failure induced by air pollutants
Bohn, M.A.; Krause, H.H.; Pfeil, A.; Schmitt, D.; Ziegahn, K.-F.
Conference Paper