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1994The uteroglobin promoter targets expression of the SV40 T antigen to a variety of secretory epithelial cells in transgenic mice
Sandmöller, A.; Halter, R.; Gomez-La-Hoz, E.; Gröne, H.-J.; Suske, G.; Paul, D.; Beato, M.
Journal Article
1988Growth control of hepatocytes, their immortalization and transformation by transforming genes of polyoma virus and of SV40 virus
Paul, D.
Conference Paper
1988Immortalization and malignant transformation of hepatocytes by transforming genes of polyoma virus and of SV 40 virus
Paul, D.; Hoffmann, B.; Höhne, M.
Journal Article
1987Transformation of differentiated neonatal rat hepatocytes in primary culture by polyoma virus early region sequences
Piasecki, A.; Ummelmann, E.; Paul, D.; Höhne, M.
Journal Article