Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021From Cyclopentasilane to Thin-Film Transistors
Gerwig, M.; Ali, A.S.; Neubert, D.; Polster, S.; Bohme, U.; Franze, G.; Rosenkranz, M.; Popov, A.; Ponomarev, I.; Jank, M.; Vieweger, C.; Brendler, E.; Frey, L.; Kroll, P.; Kroke, E.
Journal Article
2020Plasma polymerization of cyclopropylamine in a low-pressure cylindrical magnetron reactor
Mathioudaki, Stella; Vandenabeele, Cédric; Tonneau, Romain; Pflug, Andreas; Tennyson, Jonathan; Lucas, Stéphane
Journal Article
2020Reaction Calorimetry for Studying Kinetics in Bulk Phase Polymerization of Propene
Kettner, Joana; Valaei, Sina; Bartke, Michael
Journal Article
2018High impact polypropylene - structure evolution and impact on reaction
Plata, Miguel Angel Acevedo
: Bartke, Michael
2017Microwave energy assisted synthesis of poly lactic acid via continuous reactive extrusion: Modelling of reaction kinetics
Dubey, Satya; Abhyankar, Hrushikesh; Marchante, Veronica; Brighton, James; Bergmann, Bjrn; Trinh, Giang; David, Chantal
Journal Article
2016Decrease of methyl methacrylate miniemulsion polymerization rate with incorporation of plant oils
Costa, Cristiane; Wagner, Manfred; Musyanovych, Anna; Landfester, Katharina; Sayer, Claudia; Araújo, Pedro H.H.
Journal Article
2016Effect of prepolymerization on polymerization rate of propene
Bartke, Michael
2016High impact polypropylene - kinetics and selectivity effects
Drawpateep, Arkom; Bartke, Michael
2016Kinetic modeling of the gas-phase polymerization of propylene with a high active Ziegler-Natta catalyst under different injection conditions
Kettner, Joana; Bartke, Michael
2016Spatio-temporal proximity characteristics in 3D μ-printing via multi-photon absorption
Waller, Erik Hagen; Freymann, Georg von
Journal Article
2012New method for freeform fabrication for microstructured parts by combination of inkjet-printing and multiphoton polymerization
Refle, Oliver; Graf, Careen; Engelhardt, Sascha; Visotschnig, Roland
Conference Paper
2005Structure and properties of polymer-fullerene composite films deposited by a combined process of thermal sublimation and plasma polymerization (Poster)
Kiesow, A.; Kailer, A.; Löschner, K.; Heilmann, A.
Journal Article
1995Stereolithography and selective laser sintering - process technology and simulation for optimized part building
Klocke, F.; Celi, I.; Nöken, S.; Wirtz, H.
Conference Paper
1993Electrochemical thermospray mass spectrometry - a method for the investigation of the first steps of polymerization.
Hambitzer, G.; Heinz, P.P.; Stassen, I.; Heitbaum, J.
Journal Article
1993Polymerization of aniline in aqueous sulfuric acid - study by electrochemical thermospray mass spectrometry.
Hambitzer, G.; Stassen, I.
Journal Article
1990Laser temperature interlevel SiO2 layers by photoinduced processing
Sigmund, H.; Klumpp, A.; Springholz, G.
Conference Paper