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2021Dielectric permittivity model for polymer-filler composite materials by the example of Ni- and graphite-filled composites for high-frequency absorbing coatings
Prokopchuk, Artem; Zozulia, Ivan; Didenko, Yurii; Tatarchuk, Dmytro; Heuer, Henning; Poplavko, Yuriy
Journal Article
1996Sorting on a > or = 2-D multistage architecture with nearest-neighbour interconnection of switches
Giglmayr, J.
Journal Article
1996Stress distribution in and around a spherically ended fiber embedded in a polymer matrix
Shuster, M.; Sherman, D.; Siegmann, A.; Narkis, M.; Jennewein, C.-M.; Eyerer, P.
Journal Article
1993Speckle interferometry for analysing anisotropic thermal expansions - application to specimens and components
Aswendt, P.; Höfling, R.
Journal Article