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2019A Runtime Safety Analysis Concept for Open Adaptive Systems
Kabir, Sohag; Sorokos, Ioannis; Aslansefat, Koorosh; Papadopoulos, Yiannis; Gheraibia, Youcef; Reich, Jan; Saimler, Merve; Wei, Ran
Conference Paper
2017Linear precoder design with imperfect CSI in underlay device-to-device communication for a vehicular platooning scenario
Zhang, Xing; Festag, Andreas; Fettweis, Gerhard
Conference Paper
2016Correlations between network conditions and quality of CACC systems in terms of safety, efficiency and channel utilization
Göckel, Fabian
: Knoll, Alois (Supervisor); Farzaneh, Hashemi (Advisor)
Master Thesis