Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2008Texture inhomogeneity in titanium deformed by ECAP
Skrotzki, W.; Kloden, B.; Lankau, A.; Chulist, R.; Kopylow, V.; Brokmeier, H.G.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2004Phenomena in microwear experiments on metal-free and metal-containing diamond-like carbon coatings: Friction, wear, fatigue and plastic
Schiffmann, K.
Journal Article
1997Electron microscopic investigation of structural changes in single crystalline silicon induced by short pulse laser drilling
Kaspar, J.; Luft, A.
Conference Paper
1996Characterization of microstructure of plastically deformed and and thermally treated carbon steel by means of positron annihilation life-time spectroscopy in comparison with micromagnetic methods
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Conference Paper
1993Propagation of ultrasonic plane waves in a plastically deformed medium
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Conference Paper
1991The effect of stiffness at the deformation of steelplates at impulsive blast-loading
Gürke, G.H.
Conference Paper
1991Tendency to self-ignition of special gun propellants during dynamic grain compression experiments.
Gütlin, E.; Zimmermann, G.
Conference Paper