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2015Activation of CdTe-based thin films with zinc chloride and tetrachlorozincates
Drost, C.; Siepchen, B.; Krishnakumar, V.; Späth, B.; Kraft, C.; Modes, T.; Zywitzki, O.
Journal Article
2014Influence of HCl-activation on the performance of low and high temperature grown CdTe solar cells
Schwuchow, Eric; Morgner, Henry; Zywitzki, Olaf; Metzner, Christoph; Modes, Thomas
Conference Paper
2010Plasma characterization and technological application of a hollow cathode plasma source with an axial magnetic field
Fietzke, F.; Zimmermann, B.
Journal Article
2009High productive deposited Mo layers for back ohmic contacts of solar cells
Heinß, J.-P.; Händel, F.; Meyer, T.; Würz, R.
Journal Article
2009Improvement of the adhesion of a galvanic metallization of polymers by surface functionalization using dielectric barrier discharges at atmospheric pressure
Borris, J.; Dohse, A.; Hinze, A.; Thomas, M.; Klages, C.-P.; Möbius, A.; Elbick, D.; Weidlich, E.-R.
Journal Article
2005Structure and properties of titanium oxide layers deposited by reactive plasma activated electron beam evaporation
Modes, T.; Scheffel, B.; Metzner, C.; Zywitzki, O.; Reinhold, E.
Conference Paper