Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2014Localization of defects in pipes using guided waves and synthetic aperture focussing technique (saft)
Gaul, Tobias; Schubert, Lars; Weihnacht, Bianca; Frankenstein, Bernd
Conference Paper
2014Ultrasonic pipe inspection with conventional transducers or phased-arrays?
Orth, Thomas; Chichkov, Nikolai; Schmitte, Till; Spies, Martin
Conference Paper
2010Rotating optical geometry sensor for inner pipe-surface reconstruction
Ritter, M.; Frey, C.W.
Conference Paper
2007State of the art of in-line nondestructive weld inspection of pipelines by ultrasonics
Dobmann, G.; Barbian, O.A.; Willems, H.
Journal Article
2006Wall-thickness measurement sensor for pipeline inspection using EMAT technology in combination with pulsed eddy current and MFL
Niese, F.; Yashan, A.; Willems, H.
Conference Paper
2000Failure of a High-Temperature Water Pipe in a Fossil Power Plant Pipework: A probabilistic Analysis
Cioclov, D.; Wiedemann, H.
Conference Paper
1998Long Range Detection of Corrosion by Guided Shear Horizontal (SH-) Waves
Salzburger, H.-J.
Conference Paper
1998New electronic Components and Software for single and Multichannel Ultrasonic Inspections of Piping and Components
Kappes, W.; Rockstroh, B.; Weiß, R.; Pridöhl, E.; Dalichow, M.H.
Conference Paper