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2011CuO-doped NaNbO(3) antiferroelectrics: Impact of aliovalent doping and nonstoichiometry on the defect structure and formation of secondary phases
Erünal, E.; Jakes, P.; Körbel, S.; Acker, J.; Kungl, H.; Elsässer, C.; Hoffmann, M.J.; Eichel, R.A.
Journal Article
2009Actuators to be integrated in low temperature cofired ceramics (LTCC) microfluidic systems
Klumbies, H.; Partsch, U.; Goldberg, A.; Gebhardt, S.; Keitel, U.; Neubert, H.
Conference Paper
1999Design and sensitivity optimization of vibration sensors for tool state monitoring
Thomas, J.S.; Kuhnhold, R.; Ryssel, H.
Conference Paper