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2018Incentive design, sizing and grid integration of residential PV systems with heat pumps and battery storage systems
Appen, J. von
Conference Paper
2018Optimisation Method for the Clear Sky PV Forecast Using Power Records from Arbitrarily Oriented Panels
Thomas, Jorge A.
Conference Paper
2013New applications and control strategies for large-scale CPV plants
Benoit, P.; Rohbogner, G.; Fey, S.; George, D.; Wüllner, J.; Rubio, F.; Gombert, A.
Conference Paper
2012Modeling hourly electricity generation from PV and wind plants in Europe
Schubert, Gerda
Conference Paper
1993Das energieautarke Solarhaus
Voss, K.; Stahl, W.; Goetzberger, A.
Journal Article
1992Klimatische Randbedingungen
Grießhaber, W.
Conference Paper
1992Photovoltaic demonstration projects by the Deutscher Alpenverein - German Alpine Federation
Dohlen, K. von; Kiefer, K.; Weber, P.
Conference Paper