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2012Fourier-transform photocurrent spectroscopy using a supercontinuum light source
Petermann, Christian; Beigang, René; Fischer, Peer
Journal Article
2011Resonance effects in photoemission from TiO2-capped Mo/Si multilayer mirrors for extreme ultraviolet applications
Faradzhev, N.S.; Yakshinskiy, B.V.; Starodub, E.; Madey, T.E.; Hill, S.B.; Grantham, S.; Lucatorto, T.B.; Yulin, S.; Vescovo, E.; Keister, J.W.
Journal Article
2007Structure determination of medium-sized sodium clusters
Kostko, O.; Huber, B.; Moseler, M.; Issendorff, B. von
Journal Article
2003Ab initio simulation of clusters: Modeling the deposition dynamics and the catalytic properties of PdN on MgO surface F-centres
Moseler, M.; Huber, B.; Häkkinen, H.; Landmann, U.
Conference Paper
2003Thermal effects in the photoelectron spectra of Na-N(-) clusters (N=4-19)
Moseler, M.; Huber, B.; Häkkinen, H.; Landmann, U.; Wrigge, G.; Hoffmann, M.A.; Issendorff, B. von
Journal Article
2001Diffusion and aggregation of Agn-clusters (n=2-9) on HOPG probed by fs-two-photon-photoemission
Busolt, U.; Cottancin, E.; Socaciu, L.; Rohr, H.; Leisner, T.; Woste, L.
Conference Paper