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2010Fast mixed-mode PLL simulation using behavioral baseband models of voltage-controlled oscillators and frequency dividers
Harasymiv, I.; Dietrich, M.; Knöchel, U.
Conference Paper
2001Clock recovery from 160 Gbit/s data signals using phase-locked loop with interferometric optical switch based on semiconductor optical amplifier
Yamamoto, T.; Oxenlowe, L.K.; Schmidt, C.; Schubert, C.; Hilliger, E.; Feiste, U.; Berger, J.; Ludwig, R.; Weber, H.G.
Journal Article
1998Mixed signal integrated circuits based on GaAs HEMTs
Thiede, A.; Wang, Z.-G.; Schlechtweg, M.; Lang, M.; Leber, P.; Lao, Z.; Nowotny, U.; Hurm, V.; Rieger-Motzer, M.; Ludwig, M.; Sedler, M.; Köhler, K.; Bronner, W.; Hornung, J.; Hülsmann, A.; Kaufel, G.; Raynor, B.; Schneider, J.; Jakobus, T.; Schroth, J.; Berroth, M.
Journal Article
1993MultiGbits/s data regeneration and clock recovery IC design.
Wang, Z.
Journal Article