Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Automated object detection and tracking with a flash LiDAR system
Hammer, Marcus; Hebel, Marcus; Arens, Michael
Conference Paper
2014Multi-user identification and efficient user approaching by fusing robot and ambient sensors
Hu, Ninghang; Bormann, Richard; Zwölfer, Thomas; Kröse, Ben
Conference Paper
2014Robust person and object tracking in LWIR and VIS based on a new template matching method
Müller, Thomas
Conference Paper
2012On the detection and localization of radioactive sources in public facilities
Wieneke, Monika; Koch, Wolfgang; Friedrich, Hermann; Chmel, Sebastian
Conference Paper
2011Detecting and tracking people and their body parts in infrared
Jüngling, K.; Arens, M.
Conference Paper
2011Local feature based person detection and tracking beyond the visible spectrum
Jüngling, Kai; Arens, Michael
Book Article
2010Person tracking and following by a mobile robotic platform
Brauers, C.
: Kraetzschmar, G.; Surmann, H.
Master Thesis
2008Fusion of perceptual processes for real-time object tracking
Jüngling, K.; Arens, M.; Hanheide, M.; Sagerer, G.
Conference Paper