Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2015An application software download concept for safety-critical embedded platforms
Dropmann, Christoph; Drausio, Rossi
Conference Paper
2014A Systematic Approach for Software Interference Analysis
Zimmer, Bastian; Dropmann, Christoph; Hänger, Jochen Ulrich
Conference Paper
2011Partitioning and Task Transfer on NoC-based Many-Core Processors in the Avionics Domain
Hilbrich, Robert; van Kampenhout, J. Reinier
Conference Paper
2007Evaluating modeling solutions on their ability to support the partitioning of automotive embedded systems
Kebemou, A.; Schieferdecker, I.
Conference Paper
2005Partitioning metrics for improved performance and economy of distributed embedded systems
Kebemou, A.
Conference Paper
2004Effektive räumliche Sortierung großer, dynamischer 3D Szenen
Schäfer, S.
: Sahm, J. (Prüfer)
2003Fast scalar- & vectorfield visualization using a new progressive grid class
May, T.; Schneider, S.; Schmidt, M.; Luckas, V.
Conference Paper
2002Automatische Erkennung von eingeblendetem Text in Videostreams
Maier, S.M.
: Volmer, S. (Prüfer)
2000A formalization of autonomous dynamic reconfiguration in distributed constraint satisfaction
Hannebauer, M.
1992Efficient partitioning and analysis of digital CMOS-circuits
Hübner, U.; Vierhaus, H.T.
Conference Paper