Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Citizens and Positive Energy Districts: Are Espoo and Leipzig Ready for PEDs?
Fatima, Zarrin; Pollmer, Uta; Santala, Saga-Sofia; Kontu, Kaisa; Ticklen, Marion
Journal Article
2021Sensemaking and lens-shaping: Identifying citizen contributions to foresight through comparative topic modelling
Rosa, Aaron; Gudowsky, Niklas; Repo, Petteri
Journal Article
Friedewald, Michael
Journal Article
2017Drivers of companies' participation in supranational standardization
Blind, Knut; Müller, Jo-Ann
Conference Paper
2017Policy making by participation - the German Climate Action Plan 2050
Schlomann, Barbara; Repenning, Julia; Wohlfarth, Katharina
Conference Paper
2015Acceptance of the Energiewende - how to involve people in transforming the energy system
Obergfell, T.; Gölz, S.
Conference Paper
2014Synthetic biology: Too early for assessments? A review of synthetic biology assessments in Germany
Doren, Davy van; Heyen, Nils B.
Journal Article
2009The exploratory analysis of trade-offs in strategic planning: Lessons from regional infrastructure foresight
Störmer, E.; Truffer, B.; Dominguez, D.; Gujer, W.; Herlyn, A.; Hiessl, H.; Kastenholz, H.; Klinke, A.; Markard, J.; Maurer, M.; Ruef, A.
Conference Paper
2004Evolution of a participatory GIS
Voss, A.; Denisovich, I.; Gatalsky, P.; Gavouchidis, K.; Klotz, A.; Roeder, S.; Voß, H.
Journal Article
2004Futur - foresight for priority-setting in Germany
Cuhls, K.
Journal Article
2001Anlaufzeit verkürzen durch Einsatz von Virtual Reality Technologien
Borgmann, C.; Scheffter, D.; Kempf, M.
Conference Paper
2000Discussions and decisions: Enabling participation in design in geographical communities
Pipek, V.; Märker, O.; Rinner, C.; Schmidt-Belz, B.
Book Article
1999Chancen und Risiken der lokalen Agenda 21 für die kommunale Demokratie
Poppenborg, A.
1999Umsetzung des Leitbildes Sustainable Development auf lokal-gesellschaftlicher Ebene
Dippoldsmann, P.
1998MOD!FACT. A software for human integrated factory planning and process optimization
Bergbauer, J.; Scheffter, D.
Conference Paper
1998Telecooperation Systems in Engineering Companies Supplying the Metallurgy Industry: The Experience of the OrgTEch Project
Iacucci, G.; Peters, R.; Stiemerling, O.; Wulf, V.
Conference Paper
1990Appropriate automation for flexible manufacturing
Warnecke, H.-J.; Martin, T.; Ulich, E.
Journal Article