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2005Real-time implementation of cross-layer optimization. Multi-antenna high speed uplink packet access
Haustein, T.; Wiczanowski, M.; Boche, H.; Schulz, E.
Conference Paper
2002On the performance of signal detection algorithms in flat-fading and frequency-selective MIMO channels
Jorswieck, E.; Jungnickel, V.; Haustein, T.; Pohl, V.; Helmolt, C. von
Conference Paper
2002Performance of MIMO systems with channel inversion
Haustein, T.; Helmolt, C. von; Jorswieck, E.; Jungnickel, V.; Pohl, V.
Conference Paper
2000Design of spreading sequences for SMPT-based CDMA systems
Stanczak, S.; Boche, H.; Fitzek, F.H.P.; Wolisz, A.
Conference Paper
1999On the use of constrained beamformer for the improvement of the bit-error-rate of CDMA based mobile communications systems
Boche, H.
Journal Article