Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Influence of Cation (RE = Sc, Y, Gd) and O/H Anion Ratio on the Photochromic Properties of REOxH3–2x Thin Films
Colombi, Giorgio; Krom, Tom. de; Chaykina, Diana; Cornelius, Steffen; Eijt, Stephan; Dam, Bernard
Journal Article
2020The effects of carbon incorporation on the refractive index of PECVD silicon oxide layers
Torda, Benjamin; Rachdi, Lazhar; Mohamed Okasha Mohamed Okasha, Asmaa; Saint-Cast, Pierre; Hofmann, Marc
Journal Article
2020Effects of nanodomains on local and long-range phase transitions in perovskite-type Eu0.8Ca0.2TiO3-δ
Widenmeyer, Marc; Checchia, S.; Xiao, X.; Scavini, M.; Weidenkaff, Anke
Journal Article
2019A comprehensive study on improved power materials for high-temperature thermoelectric generators
Bittner, Michael; Kanas, Nikola; Hinterding, Richard; Steinbach, Frank; Räthel, Jan; Schrade, Matthias; Wiik, Kjell; Einarsrud, Mari-Ann; Feldhoff, Armin
Journal Article
Saint-Cast, P.; Hofmann, M.
Book Article
2017Investigation of atomic-layer-deposited TiOx as selective electron and hole contacts to crystalline silicon
Matsui, Takuya; Bivour, Martin; Ndione, Paul; Hettich, Paul; Hermle, Martin
Journal Article
2017Selectivity issues of MoOx based hole contacts
Neusel, Lisa; Bivour, Martin; Hermle, Martin
Journal Article
2017Sputter-deposited WOx and MoOx for hole selective contacts
Bivour, M.; Zähringer, F.; Ndione, P.; Hermle, M.
Journal Article
2016Hydrogen treated anatase TiO2: A new experimental approach and further insights from theory
Mehta, M.; Kodan, N.; Kumar, S.; Kaushal, A.; Mayrhofer, L.; Walter, M.; Moseler, M.; Dey, A.; Krishnamurthy, S.; Basu, S.; Singh, A.P.
Journal Article
2015Tunnel oxide passivated carrier-selective contacts based on ultra-thin SiO2 layers
Moldovan, A.; Feldmann, F.; Zimmer, M.; Rentsch, J.; Hermle, M.; Benick, J.
Journal Article
2015Tunnel oxide passivated carrier-selective contacts based on ultra-thin SiO2 layers grown by photo-oxidation or wet-chemical oxidation in ozonized water
Moldovan, A.; Feldmann, F.; Kaufmann, K.; Richter, S.; Werner, M.; Hagendorf, C.; Zimmer, M.; Rentsch, J.; Hermle, M.
Conference Paper
2014Electrical and electroluminescence properties of silicon nanocystals/SiO2 superlattices
López-Vidrier, J.; Berencén, Y.; Mundet, B.; Hernández, S.; Gutsch, S.; Hiller, D.; Löper, P.; Schnabel, M.; Janz, S.; Zacharias, M.; Garrido, B.
Conference Paper
2014Properties of the c-Si/Al2O3 interface of ultrathin atomic layer deposited Al2O3 layers capped by SiNx for c-Si surface passivation
Schuldis, D.; Richter, A.; Benick, J.; Saint-Cast, P.; Hermle, M.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2014Reaction kinetics during the thermal activation of the silicon surface passivation with atomic layer deposited Al2O3
Richter, A.; Benick, J.; Hermle, M.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2014Simple Applicable Cleaning and Conditioning of Silicon Surfaces with UV/Ozone Sources
Moldovan, A.; Krugel, G.; Feldmann, F.; Zimmer, M.; Rentsch, J.; Roth-Fölsch, A.; Kaufmann, K.; Hagendorf, C.; Hermle, M.
Journal Article
2014Systematic variation of the stabilizer to reduce the annealing temperature of sol-gel derived titanium oxide in inverted organic solar cells
Seßler, M.; Kohlstädt, M.; Saeed, A.; Würfel, U.
Journal Article
2014TCO work function related transport losses at the a-Si:H/TCO-contact in SHJ solar cells
Ritzau, K.-U.; Bivour, M.; Schröer, S.; Steinkemper, H.; Reinecke, P.; Wagner, F.; Hermle, M.
Journal Article
2013Passivation of black silicon boron emitters with atomic layer deposited aluminum oxide
Repo, P.; Benick, J.; Gastrow, G. von; Vähänissi, V.; Heinz, F.D.; Schön, J.; Schubert, M.C.; Savin, H.
Journal Article
2012Valence band offsets at oxide/InN interfaces determined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Eisenhardt, A.; Eichapfel, G.; Himmerlich, M.; Knübel, A.; Passow, T.; Wang, C.Y.; Benkhelifa, F.; Aidam, R.; Krischok, S.
Journal Article
2010Modelling of sputtering yield amplification effect in reactive deposition of oxides
Kubart, T.; Nyberg, T.; Pflug, A.; Siemers, M.; Austgen, M.; Koehl, D.; Wuttig, M.; Berg, S.
Journal Article
2006Advanced ceramic oxides for electronics
Michaelis, A.
2003Comparison of the ZnO:Al films deposited in static and dynamic modes by reactive mid-frequency magnetron sputtering
Hong, R.J.; Jiang, X.; Szyszka, B.; Sittinger, V.; Xu, S.H.; Werner, W.; Heide, G.
Journal Article
2003Growth behaviours and properties of the ZnO:Al films prepared by reactive mid-frequency magnetron sputtering
Hong, R.J.; Jiang, X.; Heide, G.; Szyszka, B.; Sittinger, V.; Werner, W.
Journal Article
2002Optics developments in the VUV-soft X-ray spectral region
Feigl, T.; Heber, J.; Gatto, A.; Kaiser, N.
Journal Article
1997Performance Contracting in Germany as a Service- and Market-Oriented Solution to Foster Rational Use of Energy
Köwener, D.
Journal Article
1994Observation of local SIMOX layers by microprobe RBS
Kinomura, A.; Horino, Y.; Mokuno, Y.; Chayahara, A.; Kiuchi, M.; Fujii, K.; Takai, M.; Lohner, T.; Ryssel, H.; Schork, R.
Journal Article
1994Proceedings of the FORWIHR Symposium on High Performance Scientific Computing
Griebel, M.; Zenger, C.
Conference Proceedings
1992Dünne anorganische Schichten für Barrierepackstoffe
Langowski, H.-C.; Utz, H.
Journal Article
1991Study of non-isothermal oxidation kinetics using a fast X-ray diffraction method
Eisenreich, N.; Engel, W.; Juez-Lorenzo, M.; Kolarik, V.
Conference Paper
1987Influence of the oxidation process in laser gas cutting
Schulz, W.; Simon, G.; Vicanek, M.; Decker, I.
Conference Paper