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2014Nichtlinearer Ultraschall zur Charakterisierung von Ermüdungsschäden während der Hochfrequenz-Beanspruchung von C-Faser-Kunststoffverbunden
Helfen, Thomas Benedikt
2010Corrosion resistance of APS- and HVOF-sprayed coatings in the Al2O3-TiO2 system
Toma, F.-L.; Stahr, C.C.; Berger, L.-M.; Saaro, S.; Herrmann, M.; Deska, D.; Michael, G.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2008Characterization of induction-assisted welds in high-strength steel grades
Guio, J.A.; Pinto, H.; Garcia, J.; Jahn, A.; Standfuß, J.; Pyzalla, A.R.
Conference Paper
2008Production of titanium matrix composites reinforced with SiC particles
Poletti, C.; Balog, M.; Schubert, T.; Liedtke, V.; Edtmaier, C.
Journal Article
2007Ice-mould freeze casting of porous ceramic components
Moritz, T.; Richter, H.-J.
Journal Article
2006Hardmetal bulk materials and coatings - Commonalities and differences
Berger, L.-M.
Conference Paper
2006Influence of oxidation on the dry sliding properties of HVOF-sprayed hardmetal coatings
Berger, L.-M.; Saaro, S.; Woydt, M.
Conference Paper
2006Rolling contact fatigue of the hardmetal coating WC-17%Co
Lipp, K.; Berger, L.-M.; May, U.; Wiener, M.
Conference Paper
2006Surface state and wear of cutting tools
Richter, V.
Conference Paper
1994Preparation, characterization and wear behaviour of TiN(x)-coated cermets obtained by plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition
Endler, Ingolf; Wolf, E.; Leonhardt, A.; Beger, A.; Richter, Volkmar
Journal Article