Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2002Box-like filter response of triple ring resonators with integrated SOA sections based on GaInAsP/InP
Rabus, D.G.; Hamacher, M.; Heidrich, H.; Troppenz, U.
Conference Paper
2001MMI-coupled ring resonators in GaInAsP-InP
Rabus, D.G.; Hamacher, M.
Journal Article
1998Polarisation insensitive meander-type wavelength demultiplexer with large tuning range
Trommer, D.; Arps, M.; Kreissl, J.; Steingrüber, R.; Ebert, W.; Venghaus, H.
Conference Paper
1997Simultaneous exposure of filter gratings and waveguides by direct write electron-beam lithography
Steingrüber, R.; Hamacher, M.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
1994A comparison between different methods to calculate grating assisted asymmetrical couplers
Nolting, H.-P.; Grawert, M.
Conference Paper